02 Dec

Antisocial Media

Howdy, y’all! Happy December!

Because I haven’t been having enough fun with social media for the past couple of months, Facebook nuked my personal account with absolutely no explanation, and there appears to be no way to recover it. That’s right, all the civilization-undermining crap they allow to go on, and the account I use for nothing but running my dinky little author page gets permabanned with no warning, no explanation, and no recourse. The author page is still up, but there is NO WAY I CAN MANAGE IT without the admin account.

So I’m going to try this ONE MORE TIME. My NEW author page is RenBentonAuthor. I hope previous followers can find me there. I hope Facebook doesn’t decide to lock me out of another account for no reason. (But not as much as I hope I can find somebody to cut off the $1000/month of ads I can’t monitor or control because I can’t log into a nonexistent account! Really genius system they have there…)

*deep cleansing breaths*

I am terribly sorry about the mess and inconvenience.

Off to spend all day updating websites and book files instead of working on this overdue book…

UPDATE: SPOKE TOO SOON! New one went down the second I got the book files updated. @$#?%&! They at least gave me a verification method this time, but I have 0.00000000000001% confidence in their ability to follow through. Next time you witness or experience something shitty on Facebook, remember how I got shut down for the sin of… following too many tea companies? Who the hell knows.

DECEMBER 4 UPDATE: I still have received zero communication from Facebook. Fun fact: If you can’t log in to an account, there is NO WAY for you to communicate with them. (I tried to fill out a form to appeal a disabled account so I could terminate my ads, and I got an error message that I couldn’t proceed because the account hadn’t been disabled!) They want your naked pictures and scans of your ID, but otherwise, they really, really, DO NOT under any circumstances want to hear from you. Fortunately, I woke up to zero traffic from my ads, so some machine apparently finally “realized” continuing to bill me for a service I can’t control is going to get awkward the second I file a dispute with Visa (which was on today’s to-do list) and cut off the ads tied to the disabled-but-somehow-not account, which was all I really cared about. I’m thrilled to be done with it. (Oh, horf. Days later, I am stunned at my naivete. Solving problems is not their style.)

LESSON LEARNED: Do not put any part of your business in the hands of dudebros notorious for behavior that makes your skin crawl. A handful of sales isn’t worth the effort of navigating the capricious and impenetrable bullshit that will inevitably occur because THAT IS THEIR ENTIRE BRAND.

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