08 Jun

Cleaning off the camera

The vines are looking kind of rough this year, but they’re making baby green tomatoes.

The season's first dozen baby green tomatoes on the vine

Despite the deer stripping every single leaf off the blueberry bushes in the spring, followed by mid-April snow, they recovered to produce some berries.

Cluster of young blueberries in a bush

I put up the hummingbird feeder and had a couple serene days of little girls buzzing around, and then some ruby-throated asshole started perching on the chain from dawn until dark, chasing everyone else away. I never thought I’d spend so much time cussing at a bird. I badly want to organize the ladies. “Babs, you do a flyby and make him chase you into the woods. Lola, there’s your chance to get in there. When he comes back to chase you away, Babs can have her turn.” I MADE THAT NECTAR FOR EVERYBODY TO SHARE, CHAD. THIS IS WHY NO ONE LIKES YOU.

Territorial jerk ruby-throated hummingbird waiting to ambush invaders

The feeder is right outside the window where the cat tree is, but the cat, who went berserk about a swarm of goldfinches (and one indigo bunting) half an acre away a few weeks ago, can’t even be bothered to chitter at this little bastard—no doubt sensing a kindred evil spirit.

Goblin communing with nature from the safe side of the window
The deer, bunnies, and foxes aren’t cooperative, but the turkeys sometimes stand still long enough to pose.

Wild turkey that passes through the yard from time to time

Also, flying turkeys are… terrifying. They’re huge. We have no shortage of vultures and the occasional bald eagle sighting, and they’re all dainty little flowers compared to an airborne turkey. If they got some kind of aggro virus and started dive-bombing people like avenging Furies, we’d be goners.

I’m acutely conscious that if something happens to my 16-year-old car while dwelling this far from civilization, my child and I are completely fucked, but I do enjoy the glimpses of nature I’ve never gotten while living in town. (That being said, I’d trade nature in a heartbeat to be back within walking distance of a grocery store because I do not need an additional source of anxiety, thank you very much.)

ETA: I found some deer in last year’s archives. Blurry, but if you squint, you can see the baby near the middle.

Blurry photo of two white-tailed deer and a fawn

The herd was bigger this year (sightings up to six), but I haven’t seen them parade any new additions through the yard.

MID-JULY BABY UPDATE: A couple of twins big enough to have outgrown their spots were playing tag in the back yard under mama’s exasperated eye, so we can all stop worrying.

BONUS: The physical manifestation of despair.

Goblin cat slumped against the wall in a boneless heap

No, she does not have any bones. I think my spinal problems are 95% sympathy pains secondary to goblin posture.

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