28 Jun

Light, Fluffy Romance

Today’s search history:

  • how long does it take a murder to go to trial
  • states with shortest sentence for second-degree murder
  • how soon can you be paroled
  • on what date do you discuss heavy subjects

Yesterday’s search history:

  • best vibrators
  • using a vibrator as a couple

Same book. Writing is a trip.

Personal favorite line of the week: “Do you get paid extra to talk like a SpongeBob villain when there are no cameras around?”

Currently still right on schedule with 34,000 rough-draft words. I foresee needing a day or two soon to reevaluate what I have and get a better grip on where I’m going, but better to make no progress for a couple of days now than have to toss half the draft and rewrite from scratch because I forged ahead with a bad idea for the sake of “progress.”

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