04 Aug

State of the Revision: Week 1 of 13(?)

I’ve chugged so much instant “cappuccino,” I’m sweating artificial flavor. I’ve been trying to get away from the chemical diet, but sometimes I weary of the labor of healthy food preparation and want something I can just stir and swallow. And pizza rolls. A crappy diet has added two hours to my day. Thank you for coming to my time-management TED talk.

I finished the week’s revision with two extra days worth of work completed. I try not to get too excited because the early scenes were more thoroughly developed than what comes later, so of course they’re more easily revised than something I’ll have to rewrite from scratch, but I can see the evolution and feel good about where it’s going. When you’ve written all the way to the end and go back to revise the beginning, you find all these little ways to set up and foreshadow what comes later, and it makes the whole story hold itself together better and gives it resonance. Four days and 6,600 words in, I’m as positive as I ever get. I will drag this confidence kicking and screaming into Week 2 and crush the next 7,700 words (at minimum to stay on schedule).

I felt artistic and roughed up a cover. It will be tweaked a bit before publication, but probably not so much that anyone but me will notice the difference. Keeping it super basic, commensurate with my graphic design skills. It’s parked on the Books page, if anybody’s interested.

Part of the worldbuilding in my secret future writing endeavor is based on a discussion about pie — specifically, removing a slice and shifting the remaining pieces to hide the theft. Once I came up with that analogy, almost everything else fell into place in one of the rare “oh, right, THIS ORGASMIC SENSATION OF BLAZING GENIUS is why I continue to torture myself with the rest of this miserable writing gig” moments. I feel pretty good about that note pile growing off on the side, too. It’s always nice to have a project to look forward to instead of dread.

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