01 Sep

State of the Revision: Week 5 of 13(?)

Made good use of the only perk of RWA membership that matters to me.

Confirmation email for voting in RWA board elections

All six of the incoming directors could be women of color, nudging the needle toward more accurate representation of the authors working in our industry, which is crucial in an organization that wields so much influence and potential for positive change in publishing.

In other news, I did not move the 573 units by the end of August needed to alter my future, so the Going Out of Business countdown is officially on!

I need 15,000 publishable words toward a 40,000-word paying gig by the end of next week, so The Book got a whopping 2,325 words this week (versus a “minimum” target of 7,700). The revision has gone from 3 days ahead to 6 days behind, and it’s only Week 5. Morale could be better, but maybe 2 weeks of absence will make my heart grow fonder and I’ll be so psyched to get back to The Book, progress will be BLAZING.

"Dream with me here, folks" gif from the Gilmore Girls

2 comments on “State of the Revision: Week 5 of 13(?)

    • Nothing to update last week! Every single one of my words went to a paying customer. They were happy, and now they want the rest of their 40,000 (which they spontaneously extended to “60K if you need more room” — given that they mentioned nothing about 50% more MONEY to go along with that 50% length expansion, they’re going to get exactly 40,000 words, but for a quarter of a second, I thought it was nice of them to offer me more creative freedom).

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