What Day Is It?

This morning, someone tweeted “Happy Friday!” and I thought “lol it’s funny because it’s only Wednesday.” (For readers from the future, the crucial context is that it was actually Monday.) I’ve been working from home for 15 years, so I don’t even have the excuse of a change in routine. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that the timestream is broken and spitting out random days like spawning timesalmon.

Today (the 7-Eleventh of Potatosalad in the year of Our Lady Helen Mirren) saw some fiddling with backstories of characters who will be featured later in the series (just kicking around possibilities, nothing obviously relevant to the contents of this first book) and sketching a short, immediate-future epilogue in which the characters, having solved their own plot problems and heaved their sigh of relief, now have time to be aware that there’s an Overarching Plot. They’re not in the middle of it and don’t even know what it is, but there’s some evidence there will be forthcoming shenanigans for someone else to deal with. I always struggle with the hard stop at the end of standalones, so it will be nice to go out on more of an ellipsis.

I also had to look up what types of evergreen trees have leaves. Well, “had to.” It occurred to me that, having established this part of the story is taking place at the cusp of late winter/early spring, a lot of trees would be nothing but bare branches, which is a problem when I make a character seek shelter from the rain. I know from experience pines are borderline useless as umbrellas, so it had to be leaves rather than the more typical evergreen needles. (Some leafy evergreens include holly, laurel, and live oak. There are others, but some are iffy about whether the only reason they’re evergreen is that they don’t grow places that freeze, and “iffy” carries a high risk of “laughably wrong,” which we do our best to avoid.) This sort of nitpick could have been added to the revision notebook to deal with later, but it was right there and I am nothing if not game for any and every distraction from a productive use of my time.

Then, since all the planning in the world won’t magically get the next page written, I wrapped up the transitional bit and moved into the scene with the theater troupe. Let the record show: they fed the heroine’s horse free breakfast. 🐴 🌾 I’m on a mission to make this the best cared for rescue horse in the world so nobody worries when it doesn’t accompany the heroine to The Scary Place.

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