Ten Thousand Hours Q&A

I’m not going to do a walkthrough for 10KH because I was substantially less cowardly while writing it and don’t have guilt driving me to explain every word I wrote (or didn’t).

I have gotten some questions (okay, one so far), though, so for the sake of having something to call blog content, I’ll presume the answers are of general interest and share them here.

Q: The sample I read is all in Ivy’s point of view. Is the whole book like that?

A: No.

WCAD had a fairly strict alternating POV because it made sense chronologically for that story. I’m not a slave to that as a formula, though.

Part 1 of 10KH is all in Ivy’s POV because it’s a story unto itself (character has a problem, struggles with that problem, and arrives at a resolution, The End). That story belongs to Ivy. Griff doesn’t share her problem. He’s a tool she uses to help get to her resolution. He has no stake in the outcome of that story, so he doesn’t get POV privileges in Part 1.

Part 2 is the Official Romance Novel, and you get Griff’s POV first thing. According to my admittedly imprecise count, he gets 34 scenes. Ivy gets 48 (in Part 2) because she’s dealing with greater degrees of conflict, and although there’s a point where Griff is willing to make her problems his, there are some demons she has to fight alone. (Figuratively speaking. There’s no demon battle in this book.)

You do get to peek into Griff’s head, but he has it too easy to steal half the scenes.

If you have any other questions, please stick them in the comments. I’ll give you short answers there. Longer answers will help me out with post topics.

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