Release Day!

On November 1, 2016, a 2812 KB bouncing baby book was born. Please join me in welcoming the new addition to the Benton family!

Ten Thousand Hours

*noisemakers!* *confetti!* *who’s going to clean up this mess!*

Thank you to the 120 brave souls who preordered, almost all of you without the benefit of a preview. As a result of your courage, Ten Thousand Hours got to be the 23,487th bestselling book out of nearly 5 million Kindle titles before it was even published.


Thanks also to my mailing list subscribers. I hope the release notice wasn’t obnoxious. If you have suggestions for improvement, please share here or via email. If it was the best darn book-release email you’ve ever seen, you could mention that, as well, to signal to others that it’s safe to sign up.

10KH is kind of a big girl, mostly because she has two parts.

Part 1, the first six chapters, is a story unto itself. A character (Ivy) has a problem (an undesired but practical marriage proposal) with which she struggles (heart battling reason), encounters a complication (a handsome stranger who represents everything she would be giving up), and arrives at a resolution (I’m not spoiling anything by telling you she does not marry someone other than the hero six chapters into the book). The End.

Part 2, the Official Romance Novel™, is what happens when the handsome stranger from Ivy’s previous adventure makes an unexpected appearance in her “real” life and they can’t resist continuing the adventure, this time complicated by work, family, pesky ticking clocks, and that baggage that always seems to end up underfoot.

One of my editors suggested splitting them and selling Part 1 as a separate novella. That was never an option because (a) Part 1 on its own is a marketing problem (it’s not a romance if she’s alone at the end), (b) Part 2 is built on the foundation of Part 1 and you won’t understand a good portion of Part 2 without Part 1, and (c) I hate that kind of petty money grab. I wrote a whole story for you, I meant for you to read the whole thing, so I gave you the whole thing as it was intended to be read.

As a tiny bonus, if you don’t have enough post-Halloween chocolate in your life, both print and digital versions include a recipe for Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. Mention is also made of brownies, which I’ll post here soon, and meringue drops, which I’ll post after I make some, since I haven’t done so in years and don’t necessarily trust the recipe as written. (I’m still hoping my six-pound peanut butter cup cheesecake will make me rich and famous, so that remains a secret for now.)

I feel like there should be more fanfare (*fanfare!*), but I suck at throwing parties. My M.O. is to bring food to someone else’s shindig and sneak out early. Accordingly, I’m going to take off and agonize over every word going into Next Book. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or surplus hoopla (*hoopla!*), you are invited to boogie down in the comments.

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