Crap Draft Accomplished!

I had my doubts this day would ever arrive (it’s been a rough seven months in many, many respects), but I finally scrounged up enough oomph to blast through the last 20,000 words or so and reached the finish line of the first full draft of New Book.

(I wrote a similar post about 10KH on May 13 of last year, so despite what has often felt like backward progress, I’m actually not that far behind where I expected to be.)

Back when I started with 40,000 words of partial scenes and dialogue snippets, I predicted this draft would be about 80,000 words, and I was pretty darn close.

Considering I barely write full sentences on the first pass, that’s a lot of words. Some of them will get cut, but I’ll have to add a lot more to put some meat on the bare bones.

What now? Well, right now, it’s late and I’m having the book shakes, so after I post this, I’m calling it a night. Tomorrow, I’ll overheat my printer and use up a toner cartridge printing out the manuscript because I prefer words I can touch to words on a screen. Then, I’ll let the story rest for a few days while I reread my craft notebooks and my go-to how-to-write books to refresh my skills and jog loose ideas for the work that lies ahead. Then, armed with a stack of notes, a plan, and a mighty pen, I’ll rewrite until the story is as good as Ren 2017 can make it. (After that will come editors and more revision and proofreading and formatting and the boring parts of publishing. The cover, at least, is pretty much done already, so that’s one less thing to extend the delay.)

Let’s see, what can I tell you about it without violating my NOBODY LOOKS AT THE PRECIOUUUUUUUUS policy?

Being in the public eye carries with it an element of risk, which adds a suspense subplot—not enough that I’d dare categorize it in Romantic Suspense, but there’s definitely some physical peril in addition to the emotional ups and downs.

AND THAT’S ALL YOU GET OF THE PRECIOUUUUUUUUUUS FOR NOW! If you have any questions about this book or writing or menstrual cups or whatever, drop them in the comments. I’ll only evade and hiss at some of them.

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