Since I’m no longer writing (at least visibly), it’s silly to have a site dedicated to my books, so for the remainder of the year, I’ll be gradually purging most writing-related content and adding book cover-related content, in the absence (so far) of a separate site dedicated to that. (Premades only. Custom orders have sucked every last drop of customer service out of me.) The venture is off to a rough start with one vendor (I picked Server Migration Day to jump in, nothing has worked after the first 24 hours, and now they’re taking off until after Thanksgiving…), so there’s no rush to get up and running here, but I’d like to plod in that general direction before any traction I may eventually get takes effect.

If you’re subscribed to blog updates, you can fish the email that notified you of this update from the trash and unsubscribe so you’re not bothered by cover posts (which will probably be daily for at least the rest of the year thanks to a cover-a-day challenge) that aren’t the kind of content you signed up for. Or you can unsubscribe when the cover posts bother you! Whatever works for you. I don’t want to make assumptions and purge the whole subscriber list myself on the off chance someone is dying for a premade book cover fix.

For that one person, here are the highlights of what I’ve made over the past week or so:

Keen-eyed observers will notice I gravitate toward bright and happy themes. *snerk*

I’m not thrilled with most of the typography, but I’m posting these to a DIY site with limited typefaces, effects, and colors and zero embellishment, so the text will never be up to my custom-cover standards. All I can do is suggest the least-bad option available. The artwork is the only thing I can control.

So that’s the online biz for the foreseeable future. Thanks for following along up to this point. Sorry things didn’t work out better on the previous track.

2 thoughts on “Renovations”

  1. Reader here who doesn’t know how it works – are you allowed to say when the covers get used, and what the titles are? Because I am dying to one-click the contemporaries that would go along with the last two pictures…

    1. Since I’m selling these through a site where I have no involvement with the purchaser, I won’t know who buys a cover unless they tag me to let me know. (There’s another vendor that connects the buyer with the cover artist and has the cover artist do the typography, in which case I’d know the title and author.) I can certainly announce it if I get the information, though.

      Good to know those covers are doing their job and catching your eye! šŸ˜€

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