Covers: Week of December 15, 2019

Update 01/21/2020
Since SelfPubBookCovers announced on January 21, 2020, they would be increasing their percentage from 30% to 40% while continuing to slam cover designers with fees and doing fuckall to actually sell covers, I gave the requisite 30 days’ notice for my covers to be removed from their site.

This batch began with a request for cozy mystery covers. The problem of finding appropriately thematic images that can be sufficiently modified to meet vendor specifications while still looking like a cozy mystery quickly reared its head, however. I couldn’t do what I wanted, but the quest yielded a bunch of illustrations with different potential.

First and second up, a saucy travel motif. These might actually work for an amateur sleuth with descriptive enough titles but could just as easily slant toward chick lit or romance with its recent turn toward illustrated covers à la chick lit. (Please, I beg you, use tone responsibly and don’t cover a dark taboo kink story with a cutesy cartoon. Readers don’t like it when the contents are misrepresented by the package. Pick covers that accurately advertise what’s inside so people looking for that can identify it and people who don’t want that won’t be extra peeved about being misled.)

Illustrated woman striding through an airport

Illustrated woman on a beach with cruise ship in the background

Note that the women aren’t the same style. I personally wouldn’t use these as a set for that reason, but anybody less persnickety about 1:1 consistency is certainly free to do so.

The third and last illustrated character cover is probably a genre problem and will never sell, but she fit so effortlessly into this background, I couldn’t resist. Surely somebody out there is writing a sexy, fun lounge story. Maybe with a heist.

Woman wearing a sparkly green dress and holding a martini in a piano lounge

Moving on to a different style of unreality! 3D rendered people are often… ungood, but I’ve used several CGI backgrounds from Ravven, who turns out to have some nice looking people, too. Bonus points for the Xolo “hellhounds.”

Sold cover


This was rejected by the vendor, however, because they’re “concerned that when this cover is converted to black and white and seen as a small thumbnail on a Kindle, it will be too dark to see important details.” Quick, somebody notify the entire urban fantasy genre its covers are too dark! If you actually convert this cover grayscale (which I always do before signing off), more than the important details (“important” in cover design being the few details that signal genre and tone) are perfectly visible.

Same UF cover as above image but in black and white

Again, I have no intention of “fixing” this to that vendor’s satisfaction, so if you’d like a perfectly genre-appropriate cover, visit its gallery page for details on how to buy directly from me. There was obviously no point completing the planned trio under these circumstances, but that option is also available if you’re interested. Inquire within. Sold within 5 minutes of posting to a decisive blog subscriber.

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