Contest Finalist (Take 2) and Technical Difficulties

I was told the site required a database upgrade to continue functioning. I tried to upgrade the database… and the site stopped functioning. It was impossible to upgrade from the version I had to the most recent version, so the only way to get the most recent version was to start over with a new database. Because my host is The Literal Worst, it took 12 hours to complete an installation “famous” for taking 5 minutes, and since then it’s been an adventure of migrating and problem solving. We’re still not fully functional (images are missing, for one thing) (all descriptive URLs other than the main page are 404 errors so we have to use the defaults, for another thing *hiss*), but most of the content has been restored and I’m exhausted, so I’m calling it a day.

The restoration lost the post from a couple of days ago in which I announced the fantasy romance I’ve been working on is a finalist in the On the Far Side contest hosted by the Futuristic, Fantasy & Paranormal chapter of RWA. That post also detailed the process of condensing what will probably be a 450-page book into a 2-page synopsis, but that’s gone forever now.

Somebody commenting as “Fellow Finalist” asked me a question on the lost post. If you didn’t see my reply before the crash, the answer was something like “No, but my circumstances and goals aren’t the same as yours. If you want to bounce your pros and cons off someone new, it’s probably prudent to do it privately, and my email is on the Info page.”

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