Very-Little-Progress Report

It’s been over a month since the last update and I’m only halfway to the next 10K milestone because life is bad and suffering actually is not conducive to creativity because it sucks up all your mental energy, so this will be short.

I finished the “Wanna see something that will give you nightmares?” scene, which is their last night in isolation for a while. In-book tomorrow, they exit the curse zone, get news of the relevant-later variety from the outside world, barter with lumberjacks for a horse, and proceed to a city where a lot of people want them dead because information and tools needed to complete their quest are located in the midst of that obstacle.

And then I get to ditch Hero for several scenes while Heroine tries to figure out everything he’s not telling her. I aspire to have his solo adventures in the Big City be Bonus Story #2 for eventual marketing purposes (Bonus Story #1 is the “we’d love to help, but we’re going to refer you to this assassin who won’t be happy to see you instead” pre-book story, which is mostly finished), but I aspire to a great many things that end up roadblocked by time, finances, and exhaustion, so we’ll see how that goes. The priority has to be finishing the book, without which marketing will never be necessary.

I am kinda curious what Hero thinks about Heroine now that he’s met her. (Yes, I’m well aware I control what he thinks, but since I dabble in his POV only for bonus content, I give little thought to his thoughts and focus on how his actions affect Heroine.) Some of it has been telegraphed (he’s communicative and Heroine is observant), but he’s also a known liar, so there must be a great deal he hasn’t said because he thinks it will jeopardize the cause that is his entire reason for living. I just have to throw him into a 5,000-word situation that provokes contemplation of his absent companion. Perhaps the way she tells him to take a hike while she shakes down her informants will provide inspiration, so I should get busy writing toward that scene and figure out what she says.

I estimate a rough draft of Exit Curse Zone, Lumberjacks, and Take A Hike will get me to the 50K milestone, so I’ll see you then.

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