Three Small Updates

Screen grab of word processor word count showing 50,039 wordsI have limped across the 50,000-word mark to dip the characters’ toes into the Big City, as foretold. It took longer than anticipated because I strayed from the outline, got lost in the weeds, consulted the outline, and determined the outline is indeed the best way to achieve this story’s goals. ALL HAIL THE OUTLINE (unless the shiny new idea is an improvement, which is a statistical rarity because 50-page outlines don’t have a lot of tolerance for obvious poor choices). Accordingly, the acquisition of transportation upon reentering the land of the fully alive does involve Fake Spouses and Only One Horse, even if not precisely adhering to the preliminary script thereof. Since they’re soon to be separated for several scenes, it’s a good place to give readers something to remember the romance arc by—almost like that was the point when Past Me put it in the outline…

And hey, this story won the Fantasy category of the 2020 On the Far Side contest hosted by the Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal chapter of RWA, so an agent, editor, and published author who are not me/don’t work for me/aren’t friendly with me decided the first 20 pages and synopsis don’t suck, which is better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. 

Finally, I’ve seen one of my paperbacks since Createspace shifted to KDP Print, and the quality is unacceptable. Accordingly, I’ve removed the paperback versions from sale. If I can ever afford to move production to Ingram, I may do that, but it’s the very last item on an extremely long writerly to-do list. I get pennies of the exorbitant price of POD paperbacks, so making them available was entirely a courtesy to readers who prefer paper, but it’s discourteous to send those readers crappy quality. If Amazon is going to print $19 garbage, it’s not going to have my name on the cover to take the blame for their shoddy work.

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