January Milestone (Almost There!)

Word processor word count showing 110,031 wordsI stalled for a couple of days on a Very Important Scene that didn’t want to be written. There’s obviously something wrong with it, but I wasn’t in a good frame of mind for diagnostics, so I put [XYZ needs to happen somehow] and made it a problem for Future Me.

Part of the problem may be, now that I’m so close to the end, I’ve prematurely begun the change of gears from design to production. I made a book trailer, which I can’t finalize until I add the release date (which I don’t know) to the internal text, but it became extremely urgent that this unfinishable video have the final version of the book cover in it, so I had to unearth my list of desired changes (one of which is beyond my artistic capabilities and looks kinda sad, but it’s small enough maybe no one will notice) and spend a day fiddling in Photoshop. I am thoroughly unmoved by book trailers as a consumer and expect absolutely nothing of this one, but I’m pleased with it anyway, largely because the app had a piece of stock music that made me scream, “THAT’S IT! THAT’S MY BATTLE JAM! RAWR!”

There are only three scenes left to write and much of their content is already in the file, so this draft will probably be a short of my prediction of 120K, which is fine. Now is the best time to be wrong. After this point, my wrongness begins to affect other people, so I’ll have to start being more precise in all areas.

Next update will be “Done.”

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