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Posts by Category

Writing: You’ll be shocked to learn the default category on a writer’s blog is “Writing.” As such, it’s a catchall dating back to 2015. For scrolling convenience, recent entries for this list are at the top.

Never Do This Shit: In which I rant about what, in my opinion, is terrible writing (no offenders named) and propose alternatives.

Q&A: On occasion, someone asks me a question. If I think others may be interested in the answer, I devote a post to it.

Caz and Phin: The first few scenes of a book I abandoned in revision because it was way too “gawrsh, men sure are trash” to have legs as a heterosexual contemporary romance.

Faceless: The first five installments of a serialized urban fantasy that was canceled by the moneybags.

What Comes After Dessert: Something possessed me to do a walkthrough of most of this book, which I had blocked from memory until building this archive. Oh, to have that much time on my hands!

Ten Thousand Hours: I was in less of a blogging mood for this book, which ended up being much more popular. Totally a coincidence, I’m sure.

Silent Song: I’m still too heartbroken about this book to say anything pithy.

Covers: At the end of 2019, the writing situation was so grim, I decided to repurpose the site to direct people to my cheaper premade book covers. That vendor turned out to be a nightmare and I abandoned ship in a hurry, but I’m keeping the posts as a cautionary tale for myself and a reminder to all of us that I am multitalented.