29 Oct

Dead Tales: The Ghost without a Face, Part 3

An outline is crucial when you write submit-as-you-go because once you’ve sent it out, you don’t get to go back and change things. I don’t like naming places or characters and tend to save that until the last of the last of the revisions, but under these circumstances, I got to put it off only for the outline, throughout which the cryptic stranger in this chapter is identified as Sexy Scary Man.

If you’re just joining the program, you are directed to Part 1 and Part 2.

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28 Oct

Dead Tales: The Ghost without a Face, Part 2

This was written for a specific market that didn’t want it, making it pointless to continue writing it. I briefly entertained the idea of doing it anyway as a Gumroad serial (and possibly even recording audio as Storytime with Auntie Ren), but these things are worth the time and effort required only when one has a following.

If you’re joining us late, here’s Part 1.

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