16 Aug

Status Report: Preorder Live

Ten Thousand HoursI set up the preorder for Ten Thousand Hours with Amazon for November 1.

There’s no Look Inside (thank god — the draft they have as a placeholder isn’t fit for human consumption) and only 10 pages so far are sort of ready to post here as an excerpt (not worth bothering until I get to a chapter break, at least). Of course I don’t expect anyone to order something they can’t even peek at.

So why set up preorder, particularly when I said I’d never do it again?

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10 Aug

Status Report: We’re Off to See the Wizards

Ten Thousand HoursTen Thousand Hours is now in the hands (or at least the inboxes) of Familiar Editor and Unfamiliar Editor, heralding the arrival of the certainty I’ve wasted the past year of my life. It’s a vulnerable period, being separated from any book for the first time, with the added strain of the separation being for the purpose of judgment. It would be so much more pleasant if the first outing was a play date with friends.

Unfortunately, that’s not how this works. The book needs to be better, and that necessitates constructive criticism from trained and experienced professionals, regardless of my neuroses.

I’ve already done the ebook cover. I can’t design the paperback cover until I have the final content file to give me the dimensions of the spine. Obviously, I can’t format for paper or digital until the book has undergone its final revision. Ergo, the only things I have to occupy me while I wait are working on the description, exploring infinite space in No Man’s Sky, and wallowing in insecurity.

One of these things is preferable to the other two. Can you guess which one?

If you answered “working on the description,” you would be so, so mistaken.

However, it needs to be done, so expect that to show up here in the next week or two.

And maybe if the first few chapters come back without being completely savaged, I can give you a preliminary teaser, too.

28 Jun

Cover Reveal: Ten Thousand Hours

November is a long way away, but this part of the project came together quickly once I had a title change, so I thought I’d post it as evidence things are moving forward.

Ten Thousand Hours

It felt kind of empty on the bottom until I drew little hands in the O and turned it into a clock.

Or, as my delayed pun reflex pointed out, an O’CLOCK.

*ba dum TISH*

Further details pending.

15 Jun

Someone Asked: What and when?

What comes after What Comes After Dessert and when will it be out?

The plan is to release New Book on November 1, 2016. (This is, of course, subject to change due to unforeseen disasters or miracles that occur in the meantime, but that’s the date I’m aiming for.)

It’s about lousy marriage proposals, the horrors of wedding dress shopping, a duchess, and an enchilada.

It’s about a one-night stand that turns into just a fling that escalates like a dumpster fire into a situation all parties agreed from the beginning was not the desired outcome.

It’s about being trapped by an image of your own making and being set free when one person is able to see you differently.

It’s about other things, as well, but you’ll have to wait to find out what they are.

13 May

Status Report

“How did he call her a noxious weed and not get a drill bit in the larynx?”

About two minutes ago, I finished handwriting the rough draft of New Book (code named The Duchess and the Enchilada).

There is a LOT of work to be done (starting with typing 332 handwritten pages…), but it is now officially A Tangible Thing rather than a nebulous intention that exists only inside my imagination. Were I so inclined, I could put it in someone’s hands and say, “Look what I made!”

(I am many, many drafts away from such an inclination, but my editor has been forewarned.)

I don’t keep good records of writing milestones, but I feel like I was at a similar point last year with WCAD. So I’m going to go out on a scrawny, rotten limb and predict this one will be published at a similar time, somewhere around November 1.

You can sign up for new-release notification in the event you’d like to be notified when the new release becomes available. (That’s all it’s for. After the “verifying you weren’t signed up against your will” email, you’ll hear from me once a year, tops.)

Now I sense the spectre of my old nemesis, Dreadline, glaring at me like the Eye of Sauron.

Anybody have any superstitious anti-jinx rituals to share in the comments? Asking for a friend.