25 Jul

Letter sent to RWA

I’m sure I’m “grouping” wrong, but I figure the whole point of joining an organization is to participate and have my say in how it’s run. Accordingly, I sent the following email to the board of RWA to counterbalance whatever alternative point of view they’re currently receiving:

I came back to RWA just recently only because I believe the organization is trying to move in the right direction at long last.

Add my voice to the pile of support for more diversity, more equality, more opportunity, more inclusion, and more fucking swearing about injustice wherever it arises.

Pearl-clutching dinosaurs who demand that a group of mostly women play nice, maintain the status quo, and not offend any delicate sensibilities do not speak for me, my daughter, my readers, or any woman I consider a friend and ally. We are the blazing comet that’s going to wipe out the cold-blooded in this lifetime. They are cordially invited to either evolve or go extinct.

If RWA continues to move forward, I’ll happily remain a member. If it’s allowed to regress because progress makes historically privileged members itchy, I’ll leave it again to the fossils.

I feel melodramatic, but sometimes my heart does that to me.