01 Jul

Smashwords Summer Sale

All July long, my books are discounted at Smashwords for $0.00-$2.50 with coupon codes automagically applied at checkout.

Smashwords July discounts

If you’ve been holding out for a deal and you’re comfortable side-loading onto your reading device of choice, this is a great opportunity to expand your TBR.

NOTE: Discounts valid only via Smashwords. Other sellers don’t price match for coupons.

29 Aug

Covers Refreshed

I’ve wanted a brighter cover for 10KH since about five minutes after publication. While I was changing that, I made some minor tweaks to WCAD to make the text less flat and help with brand consistency.

Someday maybe I’ll upgrade to mantitty, but I have a really hard time finding stock photos of men that don’t make me cringe (is there somewhere I can donate combs and razors for disadvantaged and unkempt models?), so for the time being, the not-to-market abstractions will continue.

02 Dec

Cover Refresh

I’ve been designing more covers lately than writing, during which I stumbled across a shinier piece of stock art I could use for WCAD.


The ebook is working through the system as I post. Paperback refresh coming soon.


Nothing inside is changing, but if you want the new cover on your Kindle, you can contact Kindle customer service and ask that they push you the most recent version.