12 Jul

Point of View

I recently attended an editing workshop hosted by a trad-pub romance editor who said, “Head hopping is fine! All the greats do it, and it works fine!” I didn’t catch much after that because of the steam whistling out of my ears, but I’m pretty sure we’d disagree on other fundamentals.

Then I came home and started reading a fantasy novel that I was pretty psyched about until Chapter 5, whereupon I had the damnedest time figuring out how the point-of-view character, who had specifically been described as telepathically “deaf,” was able to know what another character was thinking and feeling. I eventually deduced, after coming to a dead stop to read the page five times to unravel what happened, her impairment didn’t spontaneously resolve. The author simply decided to be done with that character and jump into another one with no transition, and his editor thought it was fine.

For those unfamiliar with the term, head hopping is a not-fine technique in which the point-of-view character changes without a scene break or chapter break to indicate you’ll be spending the next chunk of time cozied up with a new character.

Let me tell you when it can work before I rant about why it doesn’t.

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06 Jul

No. Just no. All of the no.

I woke up earlier this week to find that all of my spoons were gone. I had to declare spoon bankruptcy. I felt for several days like I would never be able to acquire another spoon for the rest of my life. As a result, I crawled into my shell and bolted the doors closed to wallow in spoonless isolation.

I woke up this morning mildly surprised to find that I was capable of experiencing an emotion as intense as mild surprise. I poked my nose out of my shell to see what’s been going on outside and quickly discovered I’m capable of ⚡MUCH MORE INTENSE EMOTIONS⚡ and should probably spend a little more time by myself.

Because I was away long enough to forget the internet is a cesspool sensitive little turtles should stay out of, the first thing I saw was a dude who’s read a handful of romance novels by one author and thinks he’s figured out the formula to write his own but just has a few questions for the lady writers to clarify this super simplistic genre so he can dive in and make a fortune.


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28 Jun

Light, Fluffy Romance

Today’s search history:

  • how long does it take a murder to go to trial
  • states with shortest sentence for second-degree murder
  • how soon can you be paroled
  • on what date do you discuss heavy subjects

Yesterday’s search history:

  • best vibrators
  • using a vibrator as a couple

Same book. Writing is a trip.

Personal favorite line of the week: “Do you get paid extra to talk like a SpongeBob villain when there are no cameras around?”

Currently still right on schedule with 34,000 rough-draft words. I foresee needing a day or two soon to reevaluate what I have and get a better grip on where I’m going, but better to make no progress for a couple of days now than have to toss half the draft and rewrite from scratch because I forged ahead with a bad idea for the sake of “progress.”

23 May

Knowledge Aforethought

Once upon a time, there was a great war between the kingdoms of Plött and Påntz. Countless battles were waged, despite the fact that nobody cares which side you’re on as long as the story wins in the end. Plotters have written great stories and terrible stories and all kinds of stories in between. Pantsers have written great stories and terrible stories and all kinds of stories in between. In the endless quest to improve by exploring new techniques, plotters have converted to Pantsianity and pantsers have converted to Plottism. Eventually, all writers settle where they’re happy and/or productive.

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